Top 10 Small Business Websites Business advice  and 500 forms & business  agreements.   **Your lawyer should go over these forms and tweak them for YOUR Business or Non-Profit.** Legal advice and forms written by the experts.  There is a special section on Non-Profits.  **Your lawyer should go over these forms and tweak them for YOUR business or Non-Profit.** Social Networking site. They have a special section for Non-Profits. Small Business Association Download software applications that can help your business run smoothly.  * I will add my personal favorites at another time. * Thinking about buying a certain electronic item?  You can find reviews by the Cnet editors on many of them. Dave gives great financial advice for small business and personal use. Suze is my hero, her site offers downloadable Wills, Revocable Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney.  She also has a special section for empowering Women to plan for their financial future. I read Dan’s first book “Free Agent Nation”  when I was planning my escape from “Corporate Hell”.  His 2nd book ” A Whole New Mind” is now being touted by Oprah Winfrey.   In this book, he details that jobs will be in demand are those that employ empathy and  artistic sensibilites.  WNM has been on the bestseller list of NY Times, Business Week, Wall St. Journal  and Washington Post.

Read the Publishers Weekly and Booklist Rewiews here

*** recommends these  sites but holds no personal responsibility for the information held within***

Let me know of your favorite business websites and how you use it and  I will add it to the bigger list to come.

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