Wendy, the Details Diva

I started my blog because of 2 reasons: I wanted to help my community (Volusia County) and I wanted to share information. Being a Former Medical and Business Librarian, trivia sticks around in my head. But more importantly, I LOVE to research and I was trained to cull through the thousands of online posts and get to the REAL stuff, the Legitimate stuff.

After receiving my Masters Degree in Library Science from Wayne State University, I worked for a number of years in Public and Medical Libraries, helping both Consumers and Medical Personnel. As much as I found the work satisfying, I felt that the skills, education and drive I had obtained could be utilized in the technology field.  At the same time, I had an acquaintance who was writing a book about Marketing and Branding and needed my help in order to market it to Universities in the Midwest.  The work I did for him fueled my thinking, “How could I harness my talents, obtain clients and do what I do best”?

The answer came to me, I was the Details Diva, and I had found my niche. I researched starting my own business and read countless books and business articles on entrepreneurship.   I did this while working a very stressful job in a Business Office for a major American Telecommunications Firm.

In 2005, due to the company merger  I was laid off  so I moved back home to help take care of my 95 year old Grandmother who had dementia and was able to spend the last 2 years of her life with her.  Fast Forward to 2011, I had decided that I wanted to take the resources I learned as a Business Librarian /Professional Web-surfer and share it with small business owners or wanna-be entrepreneurs.  My dream is to partner with small business owners, and help contribute to their success.  Each client has different needs, helping them build an online presence (with FaceBook, Blogs, Websites), phone and/or email support, background checks, training, tech support etc.


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